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19 U.S Oil & Gas Pipeline Projects to Complete this Year

According to Energy Information Administration, this year, the U.S operators have started building, finished building, or have announced all together 19 petroleum pipeline projects.The latest data released by the EIA says two petroleum liquids pipeline projects have been Complete in 2021, and the remaining 17 projects are either under construction or have announced a new undertaking of the project.

Of the 19 pipeline projects, 12 projects are crude oil pipeline projects, and six are hydrocarbon gas liquids projects. The remaining project is for carrying products of petroleum.Out of the 19 projects, ten projects are new ones, and seven are expansions to the existing projects.According to the EIA data, in the year 2020, the U.S Complete 24 petroleum liquids pipeline projects. Also, eleven crude oil projects, one petroleum products project, and the remaining twelve were hydrocarbon gas liquids.

19 U.S Oil & Gas Pipeline Projects to Complete this YearLast year, the U.S Complete 11 projects, and the remaining were expansions to the existing projects.In 2014, the U.S had successfully Complete 35 petroleum liquids pipelines projects that had set a record by the nation.In the year 2019, a lot of crude oil pipeline projects were undertaken in the Permian basin to meet the surging crude production.

The projects installed a lot of refining hubs and export terminals in the basin.Recently, a lot of natural gas and petroleum pipelines have entered into service this year. It has boosted the U.S. oil and gas exports to its neighbors, including the South. However, pipeline constraints and occasional issues at the stations oil and gas have raised the prices.

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