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Activists won over ceased chemical plants

Excessive greenhouse gases emitted by two chemical plants stated in Louisiana. By stopping two proposed petrochemicals plants, the environmental justice movement scored significant victories in Louisiana. This action will stop enormous volumes of greenhouse gas emissions from releasing into the atmosphere.

The location of both the petro chemical plants have been St. James Parish, also known as the cancer alley in Louisiana. Many businesses have established in the region in recent years as shale gas drilling has become more popular in order to benefit from the region’s cheap natural gas. There are currently about 150 chemical plants, plastic factories, and oil refineries there.

Activists won over ceased chemical plantsHowever, these two chemical plants – South Louisiana Methanol and Formosa Plastics have been put on hold over the last few days. The Department of Environment Quality of Louisiana decision to grant Formosa Plastics an air permit was overturned by Louisiana’s Judicial District Court. South Louisiana Methanol, according to the LDEQ, failed to alter its permit in the permitted time. More cancer-causing substances are present in the air near the Formosa site than in more than 99% of the nation’s industrialized zones.

According to the quantities of chemicals causing cancer in the area, if the complex releases all the pollutants it suggests in its permission application, it would be among the top 1% of significant factories countrywide. Although, Formosa respectfully disagrees with the decision of Judge White. The company claims that the LDEQ fully discharged its duty to preserve the environment and that the permits it issued were “sound

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