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Amazon is Acquiring Solar and Wind Power Projects across the World

Amazon is acquiring energy production capacity from solar and wind facilities across the world, with the goal of using renewable energy to power all of its operations by 2025.On Wednesday, the Seattle e-commerce firm, managed by Jeff Bezos, said that it had committed itself, from 14 new wind and solar projects in North America and Europe, to buy 1.5 gigawatts of output capacity for 500,000 people.

Amazon is Acquiring Solar and Wind Power Projects across the WorldAmazon average renewables purchases currently stand at 10 gigawatts, which makes it the largest U.S. user of renewable energy.Amazon still has a long way to go before its zero emissions target is achieved. According to its sustainability report, the firm had a carbon footprint of over 51.2 million of tons, equal to Singapore’s whole greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

Concerns over Amazon influence on the environment have resurfaced this week, following a report that an Amazon warehouse in Scotland is annually destroying millions of unwanted goods – including computers, jewelry, and books. A business spokesman claimed no garbage is transferred to a deposit site from the facility.

However, Bezos is willing to leave as CEO next month and will blow into space, insists on his home planet in a Wednesday statement.”The investments we make in wind energy in the United States and worldwide convey a signal of the right thing for planets and citizens to invest in green technology – as well as the long-term prosperity of companies of every size across all industries,” he added.

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