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Posts published by “Delores Jones”

Delores has recently joined the team at Frohe News as Managing Editor and has brought in a fresh breath of unbiased new reporting style. Given her love for healthcare development and subsequent events affecting patient experience at large, Delores has minutely observed the fine intersection between healthcare milestones and technological intervention, which together influence reader interests and priorities, keep them in the loop of information dissemination. She is also credited with various awards and accolades, the most prestigious being the Clio Awards, Better Newspaper Contest, and Bob Franklin Award. Talking about her recent achievements, Delores has received UMass Medical School Media Fellowship just before the pandemic last year. This is a prestigious platform that allows journalists across media such as digital, print, and broadcast to gain hands-on experience in biomedical research.  Her rich experience in providing hugely beneficial amidst the pandemic crunch.

Natural Gas is Complicated

Until 2007, academia and business alike anticipated that coal would continue to dominate the American electrical sector. However, Natural Gas has inverted this narrative, becoming…