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Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power Strike Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Bakken Energy, LLC has partnered with Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. to establish a hydrogen factory in North Dakota.This center will be made up of clean hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and consumption facilities. Other clean hydrogen centers are being built around North America, and the pipeline will link to them.The development of hydrogen infrastructure allows for the decarbonization of sectors including energy, agriculture, transportation, and industry, all of which are aiming towards net-zero carbon emissions. Hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel and a carbon-free energy carrier.

Green and blue hydrogen are the most frequent types of clean hydrogen. Green hydrogen is made from water using electrolysis and renewable energy.Carbon dioxide emissions from blue hydrogen generation are sequestered and absorbed. Blue hydrogen generation will be the centerpiece of the North Dakota center.The Bakken Energy effort to build a clean hydrogen center is part of Mitsubishi Power’s portfolio of creative collaborations and cross-sector teams accelerating hydrogen technology implementation.

Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power Strike Clean Hydrogen AllianceMitsubishi Power has been working on a hydrogen center in Utah with Magnum Development to service the western United States, and in May announced an agreement with Texas Brine to develop hydrogen storage solutions for the eastern United States.In addition, the business is involved in a number of hydrogen-related initiatives and collaborations around North America.The rehabilitation would become the plant North America’s largest generator of pure hydrogen. The project is now undergoing due diligence and precise specifics are being kept under wraps until that phase is over.

“From the outset, our firm has been devoted to the best development and preservation of North Dakota’s energy resources,” says Bakken Energy Founder and Chairman Steven E. Lebow. We are a company of creators that bring incredible ideas to life. North Dakota, together with Gov. Burgum and Lt. Gov. Sanford, has been a champion for entrepreneurs looking to rethink and reinvent what is possible in their state.”

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