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 Biden in Favor of Alaska Oil Project

The Willow oil project in Alaska is gaining escalating support from president Biden’s administration in the new filing established by the department of justice.The Willow Oil Project is to be situated in the northeastern parts of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. It is a portion of an area explicitly determined by the government for encouraging oil and gas development.

Governor Dunleavy had earlier expressed the anticipation of bringing the Willow project to action with a critical significance of oil and gas development in the Northern Slope communities of Alaska, expressing the potential to produce as close to 100,000 barrels per day.In the recent events, the department of interiors shared with Reuters that the establishment of filing on Wednesday conducted by the U.S. Department pursues to defend the decision made in support for the Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska made in 2020.

Biden in Favor of Alaska Oil ProjectConoco’s initiated a 160,000-barrels per day Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, which got a green signal from the Bureau of Land Management last October.The project received extensive encouragement and support from the government officials as a means to create jobs and a guaranteed flow of oil along the Trans Alaska Pipeline.

With the change in administration in February, the construction of $ 2 billion was blocked by the court ruling in favor of environmental groups concerned with the impact of oil drilling on the local ecosystem neglected by the government.The Willow Oil project plan established by Conoco’s chosen by Washington consists of the construction of gravel mine, roads, and a couple of airstrips along with pipelines sizing more than 300 miles.

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