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Biden Introduces Floating Offshore Wind Turbines To Overcome Energy Cost Hurdles

The Biden administration is confident that the floating wind Turbines could set a new source of renewable power. The technology could help transition clean energy and minimize the cost hurdles and opposition from fishing.  Installing the wind Turbines in deep waters gives the ability for the to generate more energy as the winds in deeper waters are stronger, producing renewable wind power.

Most importantly, positioning the Turbines in the deeper sea avoids conflicts that could otherwise take place if Turbines are placed nearby shore. Though the floating offshore wind generate 80 megawatts of energy, experts say the mix of new technology could help further to overcome cost hurdles, design hurdles, as well as opposition faced for such projects from the fishing industry.

Biden Introduces Floating Offshore Wind Turbines To Overcome Energy Cost HurdlesThe US is comparatively lagging behind Europe in generating renewable wind power from offshore Turbines. But, Joe Biden’s pledge to build more than 30GW of offshore wind by 2030 will is expected to make the US compete with Europe and other forward nations. In addition to this, the Department of Energy has dedicated over $100m is research and development in this field to establish itself as a leader in renewable energy.

In regards to meet the target, offshore wind projects have been undertaken by the US administration, like the recently approved Martha’s Vineyrecard. The project is positioned on the US east coast. Moreover, the Biden administration has also announced new projects to be undertaken for California. The sites that are going to be finalized are the north of Humboldt Bay and the north-west of Morro Bay.

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