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Bill Gates’ Next-Gen Project to be Launched in Wyoming

The advanced nuclear reactor company Terra Power LLC, and PacifiCorp owned by the popular and influential billionaire Bill Gates have chosen Wyoming, the United States, as the desired location for launching their first Natrium reactor project. The site was previously a coal plant now rendered of no significance.

Bill Gates pioneered Terra Power almost 15 years ago. Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who owns the power company PacifiCorp has declared that the exact choice of site for the demonstration of Natrium reactor plant will be most definitely announced by this year end. These small reactors run on different kinds of modern fuels instead of traditional ones that cause carbon footprint. The latest reactors are carbon-free technology that depends on alternative power sources such as wind and solar energy.

Bill Gates’ Next-Gen Project to be Launched in WyomingThe development is a big step forward to support the United State’s vision of zero-carbon economy.Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming, declared such strategic approach to be the fastest efficient way of becoming carbon negative. The nuclear reactor project presents a 345 MW sodium-cooled reactor comprising molten salt-based energy storage, which is expected to boost the power output of the system to 500 MW in peak demand.

Terra Power stated last year that the nuclear reactor power plant would cost almost $1 billion. Later the same year, the U.S. Department of Energy granted $80 million to Terra Power as a part of initial funding demonstrating the utility of Natrium technology. The department has pledged additional fundings to be aided in the coming years.

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