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California is the World’s Largest Importer of Amazonian Oil according to Report

According to studies conducted by two environmental non-governmental organizations, Stand Earth and Amazon Watch, California is the world’s largest supplier of Amazon oil exports. By tracing crude oil shipments from four Amazonian nations, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, they revealed that the bulk of Amazonian oil starts in Ecuador and ends up in the hands of giant California-based firms. The precise figure is 89%.

“Typically, supply networks fan out on the demand side, but this supply chain is quite precisely concentrated on Ecuador to California,” Angeline Robertson, the report’s principal researcher, told Mongabay in an email.According to Robertson, the title “Linked Fates” originates from the researchers’ conclusion that “frontline communities and Indigenous nations in the Amazon and California bear the brunt of oil extraction’s pollution and devastation. He went on to say that if oil production continues, deforestation would become a serious problem.

California is the World's Largest Importer of Amazonian Oil according to ReportIn an interview with Mongabay, Kevin Koenig, Climate and Energy Director of Amazon Watch, said, “This research comes at a really important moment.” Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador’s incoming right-wing President who takes office in May 2021, has pledged to increase the country’s oil output throughout his term.

In a formal response to Mongabay’s request, Ecuador’s ministry of the environment and water stated that it is “dedicated to the protection of the Amazon.””As a result, we’re supporting extractive industries to compensate for biodiversity loss,” a spokesman explained. The ministry intends to use money from extractive industries to support conservation programs and achieve net-zero flora and fauna loss in regions where these activities occur.

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