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CDC Warns People Against Taking Cruises even during the Holidays

As of onboard epidemics caused by the omicron strain, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautioned individuals not to embark on cruises on Thursday, regardless of their vaccination status. As a result of COVID-19 instances, the CDC has more than 90 cruise ships under investigation or inspection, according to the CDC. The number of infections was not disclosed by the FDA.

  1. Even if people are completely vaccinated and have got a booster, the virus that causes COVID-19 transmits easily amongst people in close quarters on board ships, and the risk of contracting COVID-19 aboard a cruise ship is very high.” The Cruise Lines International Association expressed dissatisfaction with the new suggestions, claiming that the cruise industry had been singled out despite following stronger health measures.

CDC Warns People Against Taking Cruises even during the Holidays“The decision is especially surprising because instances found aboard cruise ships typically make up a very small fraction of the entire population onboard,” according to a statement. The vast majority of such cases are asymptomatic or minor, putting little to no strain on medical resources onboard or ashore. The CDC halted all cruises in March 2020, when the coronavirus spread across the United States, for a period of 15 months.

It permitted ships to begin sailing in June under new, stringent criteria. As the delta variant’s prevalence grew in August, the CDC advised persons who are at risk of severe illness despite having been vaccinated against going on cruises. Passengers should be screened and quarantined for five days after docking, according to the CDC regardless of their vaccination status or whether or not they have symptoms. Cases of Omicron have soared to record heights across the United States, especially in Florida, the cruise industry’s heartland.

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