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Clean Energy Riders Spread Awareness Across U.S.

With increasing Awareness of the green, and clean energy, Bismarck has welcomed electric bicycles displaying its efforts to encourage sustainability. Two enthusiasts are on a mission to travel all across the country to portray the significance of solar energy and its effectiveness. The dynamic duo of has boldly executed their ideas doing what has never been done before. They have been on a journey, riding their bikes for 53 days.

These two men are Sushil Reddy, and Luis Fourzan explicitly standing for the clean energy movement doing their part for the country very well. They have coined the project as the SunPedal Ride which will display the power of solar energy as these men ride the solar-enabled bikes all across United States.

Clean Energy Riders Spread Awareness Across U.S.Reddy put forth the idea of contributing to the efforts worldwide to counter the drastic energy needs and the fuel-based hazards. Reddy proposed the idea of riding an E-bike across the country in order to spread Awareness of the efficiency of solar power, healthy living, and electric mobility. They are focusing on raising the Awareness among people on sustainable lifestyle. As a part of the SunPedal Ride, the two have already covered a distance of 2,200 miles within 50 days.

The fundamental reason for using solar panels is to showcase its ability to power a bike. The amount of charge a battery is provided with solely relies on the availability of sunlight. Sun allows the bike’s motor to run and recharges the battery.

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