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Climate Change Caused by Several natural Gas Leaks in D.C.

You are not imagining things if you have ever gone down the street in D.C. and believed you smelled natural gas. A recent survey by a coalition of environmental and religious organisations discovered 389 gas Leaks across the city, with more than a dozen of them had gas levels high enough to produce an explosion. When measured over 20 years, natural gas is primarily methane, a strong greenhouse gas with 80 times the warming capacity of carbon dioxide.

Natural gas can contribute to climate change by Leaks straight from pipes on the route to your home — or even from equipment within your home — in addition to being burned on your stove or furnace. According to the District Department of Energy and Environment, natural gas accounts for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions in D.C. However, campaigners claim that when Leaks are taken into consideration, natural gas emissions are likely to be far greater.

Climate Change Caused by Several natural Gas Leaks in D.C.Natural gas infrastructure Leaks are a major issue; in fact, one recent study indicated that gas produced enough global warming on a national scale to cancel out the carbon savings achieved by switching from coal to natural gas. Volunteers from the Sierra Club, Washington Interfaith Network, Friends Meeting of Washington, and other religious organisations partnered up in D.C. to look for at gas access caps and other utility manholes.

They checked for Leaks at 21 places across the District’s eight wards during the past year, using a handheld industry-grade gas detection metre. Volunteers spent a total of 25 hours looking for. According to the report, the region studied represents a minuscule proportion of the city, implying that the actual number of gas is likely “orders of magnitude more than the discovered by the neighbourhood researchers.”

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