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Conjectured chemical leak in Bracknell flats

A chemical leak has been conjectured in the Bracknell flats in Berkshire, residents were evacuated. A suspected chemical leak has been reported in Berkshire’s Bracknell flats at Tudor House. The Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service reported a water leak in the building and all the residents were evacuated immediately.

Conjectured chemical leak in Bracknell flatsHowever, the Royal Logistics Corporation later found out hazardous chemicals in the water leak. Furthermore, the Fire and Rescue Service arranged rest centers for the residents of Bracknell flats in Bagshot road. This incident happened early Sunday. But the situation was handled in a speedy manner. Later the same day, the residents were allowed to go back to their respective homes without any further fear.

A resident, a dog-owner by profession, said she thought it was a prank at first but later realized and started to panic. The officials said to pack the most important stuff with them and vacate the premises as soon as possible. Similar was experienced by Kerry Walton, another Bracknell flats’ resident. She claimed this is the quickest she has ever packed.

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