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Crude Oil Found in Veto Lake Ohio

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a 160-acre lake in southeast Ohio has been contaminated with crude oil from an unknown source. On Thursday, a resident reported a crude oil spill in Plum Run, which flows into Washington County’s Veto Lake. According to Bob Lane, 76, of Marietta, who owns oil and gas wells in the vicinity, the spill occurred at the lake’s edge. He was among the first on the scene.

This has gotten to the point where people are fed up with it. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management responded by containing the “little amount of oil” and repairing any damage to the region. The division is also trying to figure out where the oil came from and what caused it.

Crude Oil Found in Veto Lake OhioODNR constructed Veto Lake in the 1950s. Largemouth bass, spotted bass, bluegill, channel fish, and saugeye are among the many fish found in the lake. There have been no recorded wildlife consequences, according to the ODNR. To regulate the release, the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management employs various specialized equipment, including booms and absorbent material.

The survey team used a magnetometer to survey the area as part of the study. The study revealed no flow lines, and the division is currently conducting an inquiry to ascertain whether the source is an orphan well. There is an unknown number of unplugged orphan oil and gas wells in Ohio. Conventional wells were not tracked before the oil and gas industry’s standards. As of 2020, Ohio had 972 abandoned wells with no owner, according to an annual report. According to some scholarly assessments, the state could have as many as 158,000 to 183,000 abandoned wells. Orphan wells can seep oil to the surface and are a source of natural gas.

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