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Crude Oil Products not to be replaced says GND

Coal and natural gas are two fossil fuels that are used to generate continuous, uninterruptible energy. In contrast, Crude Oil, the third fossil fuel, is primarily used to make oil derivatives in thousands of products and fuels for various transportation networks. Crude Oil is used mainly to generate transportation fuels for aviation, merchant ships, cruise ships, armies, and vehicles. Oil derivatives are used to make 6,000 items used in our everyday lives and the economy.

Crude Oil Products not to be replaced says GNDWe developed different transportation, medical, electronics, and communications systems once Crude Oil was introduced around 1900. Oil lowered infant mortality, increased longevity from 40 to more than 80 years, and allowed people to travel worldwide via aircraft, trains, ships, and automobiles. It also nearly eliminated deaths from most diseases and all types of weather. Not climate change, but the implications of forsaking and all the advances made since its introduction into society could be the greatest threat to civilization.

While gasoline and diesel fuels are the only two products made from Crude Oil for shorter-range vehicles such as cars and trucks, EV technology is making headway in replacing those two goods. EV owners have shown that driving EVs for about 5,000 miles per year is a real possibility to meet that short-range need with EVs. Governor Newsom’s demand for the world to stop relying on shows a complete disregard for the fact that Crude Oil is the feedstock for refineries that produce the things that have made developed countries healthy and affluent.

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