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Danielson Fuel Services Acquired by Boyett

The independent fuel supplier, as well as the retailer named Boyett Petroleum is done with the purchases of wholesale fuels distribution business of the Danielson Fuel Services (DFS) in Oklahoma.

The company is the major independent fuel supplier as well as the retailer in the western part of the United States. The Danielson Fuel Services (DFS) is been acquired by Boyett Petroleum to serve the platform for constant growth and rise in the midcontinent part of the US.

Danielson Fuel Services Acquired by BoyettDFS was established in the year 1975 by Jerry Danielson and since then, the company has proved to be the major regional company in the distribution of refined fuel within the four-state region. The company is run by the second generation and the recent owner named Mike Lawson. The company offers branded fuel and oil under the banners of Phillips 66 and Valero and also the unbranded fuel to some of their retail customers.

The wholesale clients of DFS consist of many consignment sites in which the fueled is owned by the company and its operations are also handled by them. DFS did not sell any of the company operated or company owned stores in its deal with Boyett.Mike Lawson, the president of DFS stated that the company’s main focus is to find a buyer who would maintain the high standards and values of the company for the customers as well as the employees. He further added that he has been privileged to serve their loyal customers.

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