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Detroit’s Grids More Susceptible to Outage Problems

Art Reyes and his family suffered the consequences of an electricity outage caused by a thunderstorm that hit Detroit’s last month. The coupled and their newborn had to struggle to find a place to stay and for storing the bottled breast milk. The family finally found a home at a relative for five days before DTE Energy acted on and restored power at their home.

Michigan is, in fact, popular for having very unreliable electric grids. The DTE has tried to hold Michigan’s wealth of beautiful trees, causing trouble to the lines. According to the industry experts, it is actually the company that is responsible.

Detroit’s Grids More Susceptible to Outage ProblemsStakeholders and experts suggest that owing to decades of neglected tree trimming are not solely responsible for the lack of grid performance. Detroit’s grids have also failed to replace old aging types of equipment that are incapable of maximizing productivity. As a result, the vulnerability of these grids to intense storms is relatively higher, particularly as their frequency increases with climate change.

The uncontrolled and lengthy outages not only cause a minor inconvenience to the customers. The Reyes family, for instance, ended their agony by throwing away spoiled food from their refrigerator, restocking it with hundreds of dollars of fresh food.DTE Energy is ideally supposed to cut branches every five years. However, the company only followed a nine years pattern. This resulted in the already fragile equipment being exposed to damage by a higher number of branches or trees.

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