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EPA Restoring State and Tribal Authority to Defend Waterways

Once canceled by the Trump administration, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has restored the rule to cease objectionable power projects. EPA has granted the power to Native American tribes to stop any or all power projects that could hamper natural water resources. The Clean Water Act allows states and tribes the authority to ban federal projects that threaten their lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands.The Trump administration said that its moves would help President Donald Trump achieve his objective of expediting energy projects, including oil and natural gas pipelines.

In 2017, the state of Washington halted the development of a coal export terminal, citing too many serious negative consequences.While in New York, regulators halted the construction of a natural gas pipeline because it did not fulfill safety criteria for streams and other water resources.EPA Administrator Michael Regan stated in a statement that the country has “severe water concerns,” and that he “would not hesitate to remedy choices that compromised states’ and tribes’ power to safeguard their waterways.”

EPA Restoring State and Tribal Authority to Defend WaterwaysRegan pledged to collaborate with state, tribal, and local leaders to maintain clean water while promoting “sustainable economic growth and thriving communities.”The Trump-era regulation will remain in force while the EPA works on a replacement rule, according to Regan, who also stated that the agency “will continue to listen to states and tribes about their concerns.

“Restoration of the Section 401 provision, according to Regan, is a critical step in reaffirming states’ and tribes’ rights to control projects that impair water quality inside their boundaries.According to Jim Murphy of the National Wildlife Federation, the decision should empower states and tribes to “protect their rivers from potentially devastating federally allowed projects like mining, dams, and


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