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FERC On Works to Strengthen Renewable’s Future in South

Southern parts of the United States can expect a series of developments largely focused on renewables energy. In the wake of recent attention, a new grid plant across the region successfully started operating since Wednesday.

The new grid enabled by multiple electric utilities is a remarkable development for the region. It could potentially result in a drastic shift of scope of clean energy whilst it witnesses threats of legal action.

FERC On Works to Strengthen Renewable’s Future in SouthRecently, the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM) received approval on resuming its operations. The electricity trading platform is a cohort of large energy companies that serve the Southeastern U.S. electricity consumers. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) struggled with a 50-50 vote on whether or not to approve full fledge operation of SEEM. However, the commission formed of 4 members failed on acting upon it during the time frame of 60 days set by Congress. As a result, the proposal was restored by default, a FERC notice clarified.

The regional utilities boldly advertising the capabilities of SEEM to bring in enormous rate of clean energy development received sufficient backlash. Critics believe this to be a farse attempt. They have accused the plan of not being actually capable of powering the grid across Southeastern region wit renewable sources. They have also raised concerns regarding the transparency of the whole plan. Through the SEEM platform, electricity trading is claimed to get much easier and closer to the time when energy is consumed, say the regional utilities.

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