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Ford Takes Steps to Ensure Chip Supply and to Guide Chip Design

A lack of semiconductors has troubled manufacturers and hampered production throughout the world, as more advanced automobiles need more and more computer power.Ford Motor Business took a step toward addressing that problem on Thursday, announcing cooperation that may offer the company more control over both the supply and design of its chips — the brains that regulate engines, gearboxes, brakes, infotainment systems, and other systems.

In a statement, Ford said it had signed a nonbinding agreement with the US-based semiconductor supplier GlobalFoundries to collaborate on producing chips for cars, and that the firms would look into increasing local chip production.Despite the new collaboration, Chuck Gray, Ford vice president of vehicle integrated software and controls, expects chip supply will continue to be inconsistent for some time. “We continue to expect fits and starts for the rest of the year,” he added.However, he stated that Ford collaboration with GlobalFoundries will enable it to begin producing some of its own computer chips.

Ford Takes Steps to Ensure Chip Supply and to Guide Chip DesignThe demand for processing power is now quite great, and we must have the appropriate processors performing the right things.”In recent years, automakers in the United States have employed tens of thousands of software engineers and programmers. Mr. Gray stated that Ford is currently trying to hire chip designers as well. “We will be building it out in the near future,” he stated.

General Motors is also taking measures to improve its understanding of semiconductor development and availability. As a result, Mark Reuss General Motor President stated, G.M. is collaborating with semiconductor vendors to build three types of microprocessors to meet practically all of its processing requirements.

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