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Hoosiers Doubtful of the New Pipeline Under Ohio River

Texas Gas Transmission LLC, a Kentucky-based company, is now looking forward to securing approval from federal authorities. The project comprises the development of a natural gas Pipeline. The goal is to power non-existing power plants with out-of-state fuel in the future.

However appealing the project, Hoosiers are concerned about the potential environmental impact and adversities of the new Pipeline. Advocacy groups argue about the possible hindrance in transition to clean energy if the project is approved. The Texas Gas Transmission LLC is an initiative seeking out Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval.

Hoosiers Doubtful of the New Pipeline Under Ohio RiverThe Kentucky-based company is asking the federal authorities to permit the construction of the 24-mile Pipeline extension. This will connect two power plants proposed by the center point petition. These natural gas-fired power plants at the CenterPoint Energy Inc.’s A.B. Brown Station located in Posey County will be connected to an interstate natural gas network. The approval will decide the future of the project that is expected to span from Kentucky to Indiana.

The company will not perform an environmental impact statement and continue to extend the Pipeline through an underwater crossing below the Ohio River. Texas Gas shared that the project would essentially provide a substantial net reduction in the overall greenhouse gas emissions. The project is primarily defended as the company assumes that the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission will approve CenterPoint Energy’s petition. This will allow the development of the two natural gas turbines that the Pipeline claims to fuel in the future.

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