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Inappropriate chemical sprays, increasing health issues

Town workers of Belmont have reported health issues after using chemical sprays. Says, it’s inappropriate. The Town Workers in Belmont reported increasing health issues in the area from regular disinfection of surfaces and buildings after COVID-19. This prompted the state agency investigators to commence investigation on the chemical sprays that are used for sanitization purposes.

Inappropriate chemical sprays, increasing health issuesThe Department of Labor Services of Massachusetts declared to disinfect the homes and the entire building of firefighters during COVID-19 as they were at risk during that time. After the disinfection, several complaints were reported by the residents of those buildings claiming that they are facing health and respiratory issues including excessive cough,

shortage of breath, severe headaches, migraines, fatigue, trouble in vision, and much more. After massive investigation, it was found that the disinfectants used Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprays for disinfecting the buildings, homes, tables, cars, beds, tables, anything and everything, regularly.

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