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McDonald’s sued for chemical coffee

A woman claimed McDonald’s coffee had chemicals in it. A woman from the DeFuniak Springs filed a lawsuit against for over $10 million as she claims coffee had chemicals mixed in it. The woman said she as served coffee chemically-laced and she was also rejected help from any of the employees of the very popular food chain. According to reports, the woman who sued McDonald’s, bought coffee from there in December 2020 in Dothan, Alabama.

The woman named Sherry Head, said in the press release that when she took the first sip from the coffee, her lips, tongue and throat went absolutely numb and now her throat is permanently scared and might need appropriate surgeries and treatments. Sherry Head explained each and every detail of the incident in the press release. She explained that when she to the McDonald’s drive thru, one of the employees said that coffee is not available as the machine is getting fixed. But within a second only, another employee shouted that coffee is ready to go.

McDonald’s sued for chemical coffeeAfter having the first sip, Head checked the coffee by opening the lid, but it didn’t look like coffee, instead a chemical, at least that’s what she thought. When she went back for help, the employee said it is fine and also slammed shut the window on her face. Later when Sherry Head called 911 for help, the McDonald’s employees still denied help and were not cooperative with the officials at all. The medical reports of Sherry Head states that after drinking that “coffee”, she is suffering from scarring in her throat which is making swallowing difficult.

Along with that, she is problems like acid reflux, chronic gastritis and also abdominal pain in stomach and inflammation. Health officials claim that Ms. Head would require expensive surgery in order to repair her damaged throat and her capability to swallow. However, the chemical is not yet verified but McDonald’s have been sued for near $13 million, $10 million punitive damages and rest $3 million as compensatory damages

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