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Mississippi’s Green Hydrogen Hub will be the biggest in the United States

A Jackson-based firm has revealed plans to develop the largest green hydrogen center of its type in the United States, paving the door for difficult-to-decarbonize manufacturing industries to transition away from fossil fuels.

Connected over number of sites negotiating around 200 miles in southern Mississippi’s, Hy Stor Energy’s Hub will store, generate, as well as deliver green hydrogen which is completely carbon-free and that can be utilized to produce green power, complement or substitute natural gas, as well as replace diesel or gas for heavy-duty trains, ships, and trucks, added Laura Luce, CEO of HY Stor Energy

Mississippi's Green Hydrogen Hub will be the biggest in the United StatesHy Stor would keep green hydrogen in caverns built in Mississippi’s naturally existing salt domes that can be kept for months or years at a time, in addition to regularly generating and distributing to clients across Mississippi’s and adjacent states, according to Luce.That way, it can be utilized when it is needed, such as during extreme weather events such as hurricanes, when electricity might be down for days or weeks, she explained. It may also be used when renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels are unable to provide power.

“It’s difficult when your energy form is only available when the sun shines and the wind blows,” Luce said. “If a firm wants to decarbonize a portion of its energy profile or go 100 percent renewable energy, you really can’t accomplish that right now on a 24-hour basis.””What we’re aiming to do is take difficult-to-decarbonize businesses like cement, steel, and data centers and create carbon-free energy, power, and electricity,” she added.

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