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Natural Gas Can’t be Rules out in Energy Transition

According to the American Gas Association, the US will require its domestic Natural Gas sector and ready-made pipeline infrastructure to help the country reach net-zero emissions. The association, which represents Natural Gas-powered utilities, released a fresh study on Tuesday that it claims proves the point. The research lays out numerous options for getting from where we are now to net-zero total emissions by 2050, including the role Natural Gas can play.

According to the report, gas utilities have been modernised to the point that methane emissions have decreased by 69 percent since 1990. Methane is a shorter-lived but more potent pollutant than carbon, as it leaks both at the time of capture and when gas is burned. The United States has joined a global initiative to reduce methane emissions.

Natural Gas Can’t be Rules out in Energy TransitionThe AGA report also used statistics showing that since 1971, advancements in gas efficiency have resulted in a 47 percent reduction in home emissions per user. Natural Gas NG00, 0.27 percent, which is largely sourced from domestic fracking, has largely replaced higher-polluting coal in powering the country’s electrical grid. However, most claims by the fossil-fuel business to join the battle against climate change are viewed with scepticism.

Environmentalists and some lawmakers are concerned that these producers, utilities, and the trade groups that support them will fail to meet ambitious targets, such as the Paris Climate Accord’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and the Biden administration’s pledge to halve U.S. emissions by the end of this decade. According to a United Nations-backed group of researchers, the world is on course to produce 70% more Natural Gas in 2030 than is sustainable with the Paris objective of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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