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North Face Trolled by Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas sector launched a new ad campaign against North Face on Thursday to call attention to the company’s bizarre inconsistency. The effort is being spearheaded by Chris Wright, the CEO of Denver-based Liberty Oilfield Services, who is putting up billboards outside North Face’s Denver offices and developing a website and social media campaign called “Thank you, North Face.”

The advertisement was inspired when North Face reportedly turned down an order for jackets from a Texas Oil and Gas company. The famed fleece producer did not want its outdoor brand to be associated with the fossil fuel industry. In Denver, Wright is teasing the corporation by pointing out how many North Face coats, backpacks, and apparel items are made from Oil and Gas.

North Face Trolled by Oil and Gas IndustryAccording to Wright, the petrochemicals used in North Face’s plastics, nylon, climbing ropes, and other products require fossil fuels. Oil and Gas products are used to power the factories that produce the items. And fossil fuels are the lifeblood of North Face’s global distribution network. So when North Face reportedly refused to fulfill a jacket order for Texas-based Innovex, Wright called it “crazy hypocrisy.” The seven billboards surround the VF Corporation, the North Face’s parent business, in Denver.

Wright says he hopes the ad will stimulate an open discussion about the economic significance of fossil fuels and climate change, which he believes is genuine. Perhaps driving through the ads would prompt North Face employees to consider how the Oil and Gas business allows them to live their lives, from the jackets they wear to the kayaks they used last weekend.

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