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Ponds & Reservoirs to Display Solar Panels in Massachusetts

As a part of a new collaboration between BlueWave Solar, and Ciel et Terre, ponds and reservoirs of Massachusetts may host floating solar panels. It is a first of its kind venture in the regions which will display solar panels across human-made water bodies.Supporters suggest the installation project has great potential in mitigating the current challenges associated with lack of energy development space.

BlueWave specializes in designing community solar projects with an extensive experience in dual-use installations. Dual-use application is a system wherein solar panels are placed over active agricultural fields. The Boston-based company observes the new venture to be a great opportunity in adopting sustainable and responsible means of trapping solar energy. the French counterpart of the deal, Ciel et Terre has pioneered the idea of hosting floating solar panels around the world. the company started entering the U.S. market back in 2017 when it established its American development arm Laketricity.

Ponds & Reservoirs to Display Solar Panels in MassachusettsCombining their skills, technology and efforts together, the two companies are planning to develop floating solar panels on top of human-made water bodies. This includes storage ponds, quarries, reservoirs or even water treatment plants in Massachusetts. Mission is to gradually expand the project across the entire region of Northeast.

The French company’s U.S. arm Laketricity will be seen contributing its expertise and technology. whereas BlueWave will impart its in-depth knowledge of the region’s clean energy market. BlueWave will also offer understanding of the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program (SMART), a major incentives provider.

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