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Power Plant Near Tonopah Back to Operation

A solar Power Plant based in the desert of Nevada had undergone bankruptcy due to which the facility collapsed in April 2019. However, the Power Plant is back in action operating successfully.

The Crescent Dues Solar Energy Project started to produce electricity for NV Energy in July. The plant had very little to showcase after its unsuccessful attempt to gain profit throughout the first four years of establishment. Following the failed efforts, the company’s owners filed for a bankruptcy settlement in July 2020 with the American government.

Power Plant Near Tonopah Back to OperationCrescent Dunes was a uniquely staged solar plant with its portfolio displaying advanced capabilities. As compared to other solar farms, Crescent Dunes was integrated with over 10,000 heliostats. Heliostats are the devices used by energy plants to tract the sun through the sky with a mirrored device. It is installed to focus the captured sunlight on a 650-foot-tall tower. the concentrated intensity of light allows heating of molten salts within facilitating boiling of water. This ultimately fuels the power generators with the steam created. It was broadcasted as world’s largest Power Plant to generate solar energy and massive power storage capacity.

The plant is back to operating at a partial capacity with a 40% to 50% capacity. With the contract signed with NV Energy, the two parties will be able to produce enough power to satisfy the soaring demands expected through summer. The Power Plant designed to operate effectively for 30 years resumed power production on July 17 after successful synchronization with steam turbines.

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