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Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Could Potentially Collapse

Puerto Rico’s is on the edge of announcing a state of emergence realizing the critical condition of its power plants standing at the risk of a complete collapse.

According to Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority officials, it is a rather essential move. It is expected to catalyze the speed of acquiring the necessary goods and services to fix the power plants. However, the U.S. territory’s power supply comes from places other than just the Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority. Transmissions as well as distribution of electricity across has been overseen by a private company Named Luma. The island’s Electric Power Authority which unlike Luma is a public organization continues to run power generation units.

Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Could Potentially CollapseEver since the island’s power grid underwent partial privatization, the outcomes have not been entirely satisfactory. Hundreds of Puerto Rico’s have reported the increasing frequency of blackouts. The inhabitants of the island have also experienced a disappointing drop in the quality of customer service. Longer service restoration times, and constant voltage fluctuations damaging home appliances and electronics have been among the concerns of the recent changes in the power grid.

The Congress is now focusing on the alarming issue of the island’s power grid status. Puerto Rico’s failure to establish a stable power supply could just be the preliminary warning that the island’s power grid is nearing complete collapse. Officials representing Luma have commented that while the situation is critical, consistent repairs on generation and transmission have become vital.

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