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Rising Gas Prices Are Forcing People to Change Spring Break Plans

Across the country, students and families are preparing for spring break season to begin. Over the past two years, spring break plans were impacted by the pandemic and the resulting restrictions and lockdowns. Many people and businesses were likely hoping to see a return to normal this year, but rising Gas Prices might bring about new problems.

According to the AAA, the national average for Gas Prices is $4.33. In Florida, a popular destination for vacationers, Gas Prices is slightly higher than the average at $4.37. Prices have been increasing for several months, but there was a sharp increase from last week to this week due to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

Rising Gas Prices Are Forcing People to Change Spring Break PlansFamilies in Florida are reconsidering vacation plans. According to residents who spoke with the outlet, the cost of gas has forced them to reconsider traveling for spring break, and many are planning on just staying home. Others have changed their plans to reduce the amount of traveling they do significantly.

Some tourist spots, however, are still expecting a busy spring break. Travis Johnson, a hotel manager at Trade Winds Island Resorts in Florida’s St. Pete Beach, said that he thinks the resort’s all-inclusive nature will help attract visitors.

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