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Santa Barbara City Council impose a ban on Natural Gas in New Construction

Kristen Sneddon, Santa Barbara Councilmember described that taking the recent events into consideration, Climate change is no more a theoretical reality, it’s right now. Even closer to home, speakers repeated the council of the Thomas and the lethal wreckage flow it led to.

The Santa Barbara City Council was just to vote on a projected ban of natural gas hook-ups in every new construction and no one seemed to oppose it. The gas company did not even take any efforts to turn up and neither did Californians for fair power Solutions, an infamous obverse group created by SoCal Gas to foyer in opposition to such projected bans.

Santa Barbara City Council impose a ban on Natural Gas in New ConstructionMany speakers from a host of organizations and Sierra Club, though, voted in errand of the proposal. They taught councilmembers on the threats of natural gas; it holds methane that is 80 times worse than carbon dioxide in environmental change perspective. It raises increases the risk of asthma for young kids in houses with natural gas; the generated rousingly by fracking a technology, which pretenses contamination threats for the groundwater basins.

Councilmember Sneddon declared that he actually believes that the time has come for this rule.Alelia Parenteau, Resilience and Sustainability planner projected that around 50 building permits are sanctioned every year. Which are not even mandatorily 50 units. She further warned that few among these are much huge than that.Santa Barbara now unites a number of California cities in order to pass a definite ban. Around net 45 have passed some have figured of constraint on new natural gas connections.

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