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Satellites Detect Methane Plumes over the United States Caused by ‘Routine Work’

Last month, Methane plumes were observed over the Midwest. Energy Transfer LP, a U.S. pipeline company, claimed the leaks were caused by “regular maintenance” on its natural gas system.According to one estimate, even if the emissions continued for an hour, they would have the same short-term climate impact as the annual emissions from 700 automobiles. A spokesman for Energy Transfer stated they didn’t have any information on the amount of money that had been released.

Methane emissions from oil and gas activities across the world have been reduced by several companies. Efforts by the business are being hampered by increased investor scrutiny of environmental problems. Despite this, numerous operators continue to rationalize releases as a routine part of the business.

Satellites Detect Methane Plumes over the United States Caused by 'Routine Work'Just stopping Methane leaks might have a greater impact on slowing climate change than virtually any other single intervention. Compared to carbon dioxide, has a stronger short-term warming effect.Researchers are focusing on oil and gas emissions because they provide the greatest possible reductions at the lowest cost. United States ranked second in global Methane emissions last year, according to IAEA.

Unofficially, the Aug. 9 discharges were linked to Energy Transfer’s Panhandle Eastern natural gas pipeline construction, which lasted until August 27. On August 24, work on replacing pipes began, with completion scheduled for September 13, according to the notification.An industry practice called “blowdowns” allows firms to legally release Methane into the atmosphere for maintenance, shutdown, startup, and emergency situations, according to EarthWorks’ Sharon Wilson, a senior field advocate.

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