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Schools Tackle Climate Change with Green Schoolyards

Schools in the U.S. have been rapidly investing in making the campus completely green and focusing largely on the Climate Change. The Discovery Elementary School located in Arlington, Virginia is contributing similar efforts to combat the climate struggle.

The campus now allows its students to visit a digital energy dashboard to understand the power produced by the school. The data is displayed in real-time facilitating students to track the power produced by the rooftop solar panels installed by the school counting more than 1,700. More importantly, the amount of energy produced through solar aligns perfectly with annual energy consumption of the building. This has led the school to emerge as one of the gigantic net-zero energy schools across the nation.

Schools Tackle Climate Change with Green SchoolyardsThe United States has witnessed a significant rise in the number of schools installing solar power and promoting green environment. The K-12 public schools across the nation are among the major consumers of energy. while there is scope for higher adoption rate, education sector also has the potential to aggressively promote the benefits of going green. Educational campuses have untapped opportunity to set in motion a remarkable initiative and mitigate Climate Change. Even at an elementary level, education providers can practically inculcate the advantages and objective of renewable energy practices.

Besides imparting the severe urgency to combat Climate Change in students through theoretical concepts, schools focus on execution as a means for teaching. With changing global conditions, special importance to the subject of Climate Change is necessitated.

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