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St. Croix and its disappointing Fossil Crusade

Saint Croix is among the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It stands at a crucible now with the oil refinery status. A massive oil refinery has been established on the island dating 50 years back. Ever since, it has contributed to the economic development on this U.S. territory before it was closed rashly in 2012. Back then, the shutdown was justified on the grounds of safeguarding the environmental aspects of the region.

St. Croix is facing additional challenges arising from the legacy of toxic pollution, and arrival of superstorms. Such form of disruptive ecologies of fossil fuels are highlighting the alarming threat to the life on St. Croix.

St. Croix and its disappointing Fossil CrusadeAddressing such gigantic challenges also requires equally gigantic financial support to develop a positive future ending the petro-capitalism anguish. A disguised attempt to address this challenge, a plan suggesting reboot the refinery has come to surface. The plan is based on turning the fiscal properties into new investment opportunities in climate resilience. This plan has received an obvious response of being a highly foolish strategy. Many civic groups as well as residents have been facing the adversities of environmental properties of fossil fuels. They have been seeking for a sustainable future demanding a permanent break with the refinery.

For majority of last 60 years, Limetree Refinery has been world’s largest oil refinery. It was also known as one of the most callous to environmental protection or public health. The refinery proposed promising future however turned into a disastrous event for St. Croix.

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