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States Rank the Highest in Solar Energy Production

After the new administration was set up, one of the top priorities of President Joe Biden has been to address the increasing threat of climate change and declining energy sources. Biden administration has put forth an ambitious goal of achieving 100% pollution-free electricity by 2035. This requires a dramatic escalation in the United States renewable energy production.

California is one of the leading states across the United States, with the highest levels of insolation or sun exposure justifying the state’s leading position in America’s Solar Energy production. California is also encouraged by favorable policies established by policymakers creating an environment that guarantees heavy reliance on Solar Energy.

States Rank the Highest in Solar Energy ProductionIn addition, California supports one of the most ambitious renewable portfolio standards as compared to any other state in the United States. It has set a goal of generating 60% of energy solely from renewables by 2030, which will be transformed to 100% by 2045.

California is followed in its renewable’s adoption by North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, ranking the top 5 states with maximum Solar Energy production. The generation of energy through renewables is still lower as compared to natural gas, coal, and nuclear. The leading renewables energy producer, California, accounts for total energy production that is approximately four times that of North Carolina, the runner-up state.As of now, solar is a relatively smaller contributor to America’s overall energy mix. However, that is expected to change soon, with solar expected to emerge as a significant source as the production accelerates.

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