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Stocks to look out for in the Natural Gas market

The United States connection with fossil fuels and natural gas goes long back in history. While the switch from fossil fuels to renewable takes in full charge in different states, natural gas plays a part of bridge making the less jarring and smooth.

Truly LNG and natural gas are now looked at as a the link in the shift to renewable energy thanks to their more positive emissions outline, as it generates 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than fuel oil.Natural gas is anticipated to play a major part also in a hydrogen economy.Here are three of the major Stocks perfect for growth stock investors searching to capitalize on the solid demand and pricing environment.

Stocks to look out for in the Natural Gas marketAn often off track name Denver, Colorado-based Ovintiv Inc. has been witnessing irrefutable positive outlooks. Ovintiv, Inc., collectively in the company of its subsidiaries, employs in the development, marketing, production and exploration of natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil. It functions through Market Optimization segments, Canadian Operations and USA Operations.OVV Stocks look perfect for investors looking for mid-cap E&P exposure devoid of going too much ahead on the risk curve.

Post experiencing four rough quarters, Cheniere Energy is all set to have a brawny start in 2021 thanks primarily to the evident boost in the LNG demand. Cheniere, a foremost sole-play LNG producer, has recorded Q1 2021 Q1 GAAP EPS of USD 1.54 a share thumping Wall Street predictions by USD0.76 as returns of USD3.09B hit by USD210M.Pennsylvania-based EQT Corp.’s shares are up 75.1% YTD, making it a leading performer in the gas and mid-cap oil sector. EQT is a sole-play natural gas firm with ~19.8 trillion cubic feet area of proven NGLs,  natural gas and crude oil reserves crossways about 1.8 million gross acres.

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