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Texas Probes for Extensive Opportunity for Solar Power

Texas is one of America’s most structured states, popularly known for its business placement and industrial growth. The great state has historically spearheaded the wind energy revolution across the U.S.At present, Texas is scaling up the solar power development with influential movements in the state. One of the many initiatives includes the recent establishment of a 260MW solar power plant by Lightsource BP. The globally leading solar power provider set up the new plant in Lamar County earlier this year. The company’s assortment of biodiversity features is gaining significant attention.

Last summer, the European solar leader acquired another leader of the solar power industry, 7x. during the acquisition, the company has listed over 1,700MW of solar power in the Texas grid. This total solar grid was managed by ERCOT. ERCOT is responsible for operating the state’s electric grid with overseeing 75% of the state’s deregulated market.

Texas Probes for Extensive Opportunity for Solar PowerERCOT recently experienced an overwhelming response from new solar proposals. Altogether the proposals offered 91,000MW of solar power. Additionally, ERCOT was introduced with 33,000MW of battery-type storage of energy along with wind power of 23,000MW to boot.

A major hindrance to solar power opportunities is the need for extra transmission lines. However, with the increasing popularity of green hydrogen, supporters may come up with a solution. The idea of using solar energy to split hydrogen gas of water is extensively aiding in encouraging solar development in the great state of Texas.

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