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The Fort Sill Plant is in Risk after Regulators Cost Recovery

The regulators allowed a 60 million dollar scheme to equip Fort Sill with backup power to maintain the post-independent for up to two weeks, but the project is at risk of changing Cost.About a year ago, the Army and utilities recommended the construction of a new power plant that would utilize reciprocal natural gas engines as well as solar electricity.

PSO requested regulators to recapture 117.9 million dollars from the project funding payers; however, recently, these authorities lowered the amount to close to half to 60 million dollars.This decrease forces the public sector to reassess whether to proceed with the project or not.Elected members of the Corporation Commission of Oklahoma stated they did not disagree with the intentions of the company to help the base strengthen its mission readiness in emergencies but did not object to the projected Cost.

The Fort Sill Plant is in Risk after Regulators Cost RecoveryThe ultimate number was declared by the officials as reflected in what the experts who testified would match the Cost of these upgrades more. A lower rate would be increased for the average PSO client by less than $1 a month.The expansion would provide PSO with an additional 50 megawatts of capacity to meet all 562,000 customers but could be operated independently for up to 14 days in emergencies.

The commission chairman, Todd Hiett, and Dana Murphy signed this week the order, which does not permit the recovery of all expenditures originally wanted by the company.Commissioner Murphy drew up the Commission review order and stated that it included bits and pieces from the proposal of the Administrative Law Judge and other suggested orders of the interested parties.

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