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The U.S to Obtain 40% of Electricity from Solar by 2035

The Biden administration has made an announcement on Wednesday addressing the Electricity future of America. As per the report released on Wednesday, the United States could potentially generate 40% of the total Electricity from solar energy by 2035.

The U.S. is focusing on solar energy and solar power development projects, understanding the importance of natural resources. It is particularly focused upon because of its capability to decarbonize the U.S power grid. Ultimately this is proposed to accelerate one of the Biden administration’s goals associated with net zero emissions across the Electricity sector by 2035.

The U.S to Obtain 40% of Electricity from Solar by 2035The significance of the idea is that American homes will be powered by Earth’s cheapest and major clean energy source by 2035. Solar alone can produce enough Electricity to satisfy at least one category of Electricity consumers while creating employment for 1.5 million people, according to Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm’s statement.The report published on Wednesday highlights certain steps to be taken by the United States in order to accomplish the estimated 40% target. This includes the installation of 30 gigawatts of solar capacity every year from today till 2025 and a further 60GW a year from 2925 to 2030.

As a part of the future solar goal, the report also implies the deployment of tools that can expand the transmission of solar energy. For instance, deployment of microgrids, storage, and forecasting, all very crucial to maintain the reliability, and performance output of a dominant renewable grid, said DOE.

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