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Truman City Council Keeps Eyes on Energy Savings

The City Council of Truman received a notice from Brant Brown on Monday, August 16, 2021, related to going ahead with a deal with Public Power Energy Services.In an earlier council meeting, two councils from Public Power Energy Services were there to express how they might provide assistance to reduce the power costs for the residents of Truman.

Public Power Energy Services will help by going through the deal Truman has with its present supplier, Heartland Consumers Power District, for exploring options to reduce costs. The city is in contract with Heartland till 2041. Public Power Energy Services will utilize a staged tactic with the projected result of lowering Truman power supply charges. Brown said that he believes that the public and the council have a number of questions moving ahead with the deal will assist them with the answers.

Truman City Council Keeps Eyes on Energy SavingsThe council agreed to engage in a deal with Public Power Energy Services at charges of around USD3000 a month in services.The Truman Days committee member Nancy Salic shared that in 2019 they traded 809 raffle tickets, and in 2021 they have traded 1,006, for a rise of around 200.

Salic stated that they are addressing larger number of people to join the Truman Days committee for the next year as they might lose some of the members. Bentz, a fellow member, said that in 2020 it was an upsurge of the moment idea, but in 2021 they are trying to be more deliberate about arranging it. He said he had a talk with city Pride and is ready for any other businesses which would like to take part.

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