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US Consumed More Battery Power in 2021 Facilitating Renewable Energy

According to the data released by US Energy Information Administration (EIA) the power capacity of US’ large-scale batteries since 2020 at an unprecedented pace. 2020 broke the 2018 year record pointing biggest rise in power capacity in the US. The 489MW of large-scale Battery storage was added which is double of what was recorded in 2018. Additionally, 1,523MW more Battery power capacity was added by end of 2020.

The new capacities been added as US has large solar farms that has a 579MW capacity and has the potential to produce electricity that will suffice around 255,000 homes.This a positive factor in the consumption of renewable energy but more Battery capacities are needed to meet the growing demand and clean up the electricity grid.

US Consumed More Battery Power in 2021 Facilitating Renewable EnergyThe batteries can store renewable energy. The batteries can be of extreme use when winds lull and sunlight is very low. Most importantly, batteries are the best option to fossil –fueled ‘peaker plants’. The peaker plants are used when there is high demand for energy. They are also helpful when regions are struck by natural disasters and act an alternative powerhouse. Apart from playing a big role in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions they make the electricity grids more reliable and secure.

Electricity sector generates a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in US. This clean energy source can tackle greenhouse gas released from cars, and other sectors. The United States government has set new targets for making the US power sector free of carbon-pollution.

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