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US-sanctioned American-based Indian National for Iranian Oil Smuggling

Manoj Sabharwal, a native of India, has been named to become a member of a Smuggling network that supports the IRGC-QDF and Houthis in Yemen by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office for Foreign Assets Control.

Iranian Houthi financiers lead this network Said al-Jamal. The latter generate tens of million dollars in revenues from the sale of goods, such as Iranian petroleum, a considerable proportion of which is then transported to the Houthi in Yemen through an extensive network of intermediaries and exchange companies in many countries.

US-sanctioned American-based Indian National for Iranian Oil SmugglingAccording to the United States Treasury, the UAE-based professional Sabharwal oversees ships for al-Jamal and assists al-Jamal in Smuggling Iranian petroleum products. Sabharwal is responsible for the coordination and obscenity of al-involvement Jamal’s transportation of Iranian petroleum products and goods across the Middle East and Asia.

For financial assistance, material support, or technological support for products or services, Sabharwal is considered to have materially helped, supported, or given al-Jamal.Since the beginning of the conflict, the Houthis have depended on IRGC-QF backing in campaigning against the Yemeni government and Saudi-led coalition, which have been recognized internationally.

Despite increasing appeals for peace in Yemen and the region, the Houthis continue to intensify their violent attacks with severe repercussions for Yemeni people and Yemeni neighbors. The Houthis have utilized military aims, population centers, and infrastructure and close-by commercial vehicles in Saudi Arabia along major international commerce routes using ballistic missiles, explosives, naval mines, and unmanaged aerial.

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